How to make your team’s reservation: Please refer to this section and our list of participating hotels on the right to see the most up to date information on room availability. Hotel availability can change on a daily basis, so please submit five hotel preferences for your team or Club. The website is updated often.

Please remember… hotel reservations are required to be coordinated thru Events by Design Inc.

Review the links on the right to make your hotel selections:

  • Review the Available hotel link that lists the hotel amenities, rates, and the number of rooms available at each hotel.
  • For some events, we provide a Hotel and Field Map which may be helpful in making your hotel selections.
  • Fill out the Team Reservation On-line Form with your team or Club’s information. Please rank your team’s most preferred hotels. If you are trying to book rooms at one hotel with another team or in close proximity to another team, please either request rooms for the entire block of rooms needed and list each team on your request, or provide more details in the comments section.
  • You should receive a response to your request within 72 hours. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, please call or email. The information may not have been received, or we may have incorrect contact information for your team. When hotel blocks are close to being full, the process may take longer than 3 days. Feel free to contact us regarding your request.